Gigacenter WiFi Package

What is a Gigacenter?

The Gigacenter is a powerful media distribution center for your home that streams video, music, gaming and internet applications over Wi-Fi at speeds 3x faster than today's best-effort alternatives.

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See CommandIQ App Tutorial Here (This app allows you to control your Gigacenter or Gigaspire)

Quick Look

  • Much better WIFI coverage-more rooms, front porch, decks.
  • Communicates with all devices simultaneously for faster internet traffic.
  • Parental controls allow you to control when your kids have access to the internet.
  • Unlimited support*, unlike store-bought routers.
  • The Gigacenter is a carrier class residential gateway which, simply put, just plain works and works well. If there is ever a problem, though, the lease of the Gigacenter from WIN does come with unlimited technical support.

*unlimited support is only included with the WIN package, not other ISPs or purchase centers.

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